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The School Day


School starts promptly at 8.45 for both KS2 and KS1 and children in Reception. School gates are open at 8:40 every morning - there is no supervision by school staff before 8.40 so please do not leave children unsupervised. Children will make their way to their classrooms where they will be greeted by their class teacher.

It is the legal duty of all parents to ensure that children attend school regularly and punctually. If you arrive late and the main gate is shut, please go to the main office where you will be asked to register a reason. Your child will then be registered and sent, or taken to class. 

Hours open per week - KS1: 32.5 hrs / KS2 32.5 hrs

Collecting Children

All children in Reception to Year 4 should be picked up at the end of the school day. If you are unable to collect your child, please inform the office who will be picking your child up. Office staff cannot relay messages to children during the school day except in the case of real emergencies, but they will inform the class teacher.

It is your discretion as to whether children in Y5 and Y6 are collected or walk home alone but we will require you to inform us if they have permission to walk themselves.

In most cases, children will be dismissed from their classroom. However if your child is in one of our upstairs classrooms, they will be dismissed by one of two alternative exits - your class teacher will inform you of which one.

Any child not collected by 3:20 will be taken to the school office - please collect them from there. All clubs will also be dismissed via the School Office.

Children may cycle to school, but they must wear a helmet and take responsibility for locking up their bikes in the shelter provided.  Until children have taken their “Bikeability” training course, they should still be supervised by a responsible adult.  Any child reported or seen by school staff cycling irresponsibly will be referred to the school Safeguarding team under our normal procedures.